Koča pri Triglavskih Jezerih

A mountain hut with a postcard view of the Double Lake
1685 m
June - September

This lodge probably takes first place when it comes to idyllic locations. It stands next to the Double Lake, which is one of the seven Triglav Lakes in the Alpine glacial valley dubbed The Valley of the Triglav Lakes or the Seven Lakes Valley. This lake is called the Double Lake because it is divided into two parts when the water level drops. Some of the most beautiful tours in the Julian Alps pass by this hut - one-day Seven lakes hike or multi-day hut to hut hike.

Due to the beauty of the natural surroundings, the lodge is a very popular destination in its own right, especially for families, but it also serves as a good starting point for ascends on higher peaks. The lodge can accommodate 200 people and has 150 seats in its dining rooms and in front of the lodge.

From Blato Pasture: 3:30h
From Savica Waterfall: 3h
Interesting tours
Mala Tičarica: 1h
Mala Zelnarica: 3h
Veliko Špičje: 2:30h
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