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Dom Planika pod Triglavom

A smaller, more authentic alternative to the busy Kredarica Lodge
2401 m
Group size
July - September

Planika is a smaller, more authentic alternative to the lodge at Kredarica, which is situated a bit higher on Triglav’s mountainside. Planika’s name comes from the Slovene name for Edelweiss, the flower that is a symbol of mountaineering and the beauty of the Alps. The lodge is located a bit lower on Triglav’s mountainside than Kredarica but it’s only an hour’s hike to get from one lodge to the other.

Planika has the advantage of offering two possible routes for the final push to Triglav’s peak, which can be very convenient if you wish to pick a path that is less crowded with hikers – Triglav is a very popular mountain after all. Apart from good food, you can also find comfortable rooms at the Planika, you just have to reserve them early enough. The hut is situated on Triglav’s south face and you can easily reach Kredarica or Dolič from here. The lodge can accommodate around 120 people and has 80 seats in its dining rooms and in front of the lodge.

From Krma Valley: 5h
From Pokljuka: 5h
From Blato Pasture: 5:30h
From Trenta: 7h
Interesting tours
Triglav: 1:30h
Planike lodge is in the heart of Triglav
Planike lodge is in the heart of Triglav
Planike lodge is in the heart of Triglav

Things to know

Triglav is amongst the most popular mountains in Slovenia. It has a great symbolic value for us and the saying goes that you are not a true Slovenian until you stand on its summit. Therefore, you can expect a lot of people on the mountain in the high season (July-September), especially on weekends. On week-days, however, it is much more peaceful. Luckily, our guides have some tricks up their sleeves when it comes to avoiding the crowds. Hint: they know exactly when and where to go.

Thousands of people climb Mt.Triglav every year. Some come better prepared than others, who underestimate the climb, which can lead to accidents. But with the right approach, knowing the weather conditions (especially the possibility of thunderstorms and snowfall), with the proper safety equipment and an experienced guide, you can minimize the objective dangers and feel completely safe.

Mountain huts in the Slovenian mountains are very cosy and authentic, but provide only basic comfort. Don’t expect too much luxury. Early bookings are usually rewarded with a room but if all rooms are full there are dormitories. There is no shower and the lavatories are basic. There is running water but it is not drinkable. The food is tasty and local but the menu is limited to a few dishes and drinks.

The earlier the better. The highest season, from July to September, it is not unusual for huts to be fully booked for months ahead. Weekdays are better but we still suggest bookings at least a month in advance. Last-minute bookings are very dependable on the weather – if the forecast is not a perfect bluebird, then some spots usually become available a few days before.

Expert Local Guides

Our professional guides know the local terrain and are trained to make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity both safe and enjoyable.

Equipment Rental

We can provide all the special gear you need, like helmets, harnesses, and more.


We handle route planning, accommodations, transfers, and anything else you prefer not to deal with, so you can enjoy a carefree hike.

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