Winter Triglav Tour

An incredible wintertime ascent to the summit of Slovenia’s most iconic mountain.

Krma Valley
2 days
Group size
max 2 people/ guide
Dec - Apr
Fitness Level
Technical Level
  • Put your winter climbing skills to the test with an expert guide
  • Spend a night in Slovenia’s most famous mountain lodge
  • Enjoy the triumphant feeling of standing atop Mt. Triglav
  • Soak up the magical wintertime beauty of the Julian Alps
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Included in price

Transfer from Bled
Professional guide
credit card


extra charge light
Transfer from Ljubljana
extra charge light
Overnight stay at Kredarica hut
extra charge light
Dinner and breakfast in the hut
extra charge light
Trekking poles
extra charge light
extra charge light
extra charge light
extra charge light
extra charge light
Ice axe

What to bring to the tour

Comfortable sports clothes
Insulation jacket
Sleeping bag
Spare socks, underwear and shirt
Waterproof gloves and one extra pair
Toilet paper
ID card
Trekking poles
Extra layer
Windproof jacket
Ankle-high waterproof mountaineering boots
Water bottle or even better warm tea
Backpack 30-35 l
Some cash for the food and accommodation

Pickup location and time

To be set upon reservation according to the conditions.

Climbing Mt. Triglav in winter is truly a fascinating adventure. The landscape turns into a winter wonderland and the climb gets that extra challenging element only snow can supply. Our expert guide will ensure the trip is completely safe. All you need is some prior mountaineering experience of using an ice axe and climbing with crampons and you’re good to go. Join us! 

Ascending the 2,863 m (9,395 ft) Mount Triglav is known among hikers and alpinists as a once-in-a-lifetime must. Especially in winter. It’s when the crowds are reduced to a fraction of their summer numbers, making the climb even more enjoyable. The countryside in the Julian Alps is transformed into a magical fairy-tale and a unique kind of surreal calmness sets over the land. With favourable weather conditions giving us the green light, the tour can commence and the thrills begin. 

The beaten snow makes the ascent to the Triglav Lodge at Kredarica relatively easy. Stunning scenes of the valleys below and surrounding mountains give us the humbling impression of smallness as we enter the snow-covered Alpine kingdom. Even as a tour on its own, reaching the Kredarica hut in winter is an amazing hiking experience in the mountains. We gradually reach our first base, high above the world. The Kredarica Lodge is officially closed in winter. Only meteorologists call it their ‘permanent home’ during the cold season. Fortunately, these guys are a very hospitable bunch of mountain dwellers. They generously receive us and cook us a nice hot meal. Be warned, however, that the lodge isn’t heated in winter, so a sleeping bag is an obligatory companion, but you can get a blanket for extra warmth.

Early the next morning, our tour continues towards Triglav’s summit. Our guide will support you with climbing ropes and tips, as we make our way across the wild snowy and rocky terrain with our ice axes and crampons squeaking in the snow. As we’ve already mentioned, the weather conditions have to be right for both parts of the ascend to get the go-ahead. After a fun yet challenging climbing session, we finally reach the top, surrounded by the spellbinding wintery panorama. Breath-taking stuff that words cannot really describe! Slowly but surely, we then safely descend back towards the lowlands, one unforgettable experience richer.  

NOTE: For experienced and quick mountaineers, the tour is also doable in 1 day if the conditions are right. Consult with a guide.

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We will start our tour by picking you up and driving to Krma valley (45min from Bled). Our meeting time depends on the forecast and time of the year and will be set a day or two before the tour. After a quick gear check, we will start walking in the forest, quickly gaining altitude and reaching the Kredarica hut. Our time needed for the ascent largely depends on the snow conditions. It is also where we go through the basics of crampons and ice axe use.

At the hut, we can leave some stuff we will not need for the summit push and gear up with helmets, harnesses and via ferrata sets. The summit climb takes around 1.5h and about the same time back to the hut. According to the weather and how we feel, we can do the summit climb on the first day in the afternoon or on the second day early in the morning. 

From Kredarica we have about 3.5h of hiking back to the car, where we arrive usually sometime early in the afternoon on the second day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear on Winter Triglav Tour?

It is important that your clothes are comfortable and water-resistant to keep you warm and dry. Your shoes should be ankle high and waterproof. Expect windy and chilly conditions. It is better to take a bit more with you as you can always leave excess clothes in the van after consulting with our guide.

What happens in the event of bad weather or snow conditions.

In case of bad weather, the tour can be postponed or you will be fully refunded. We can not go if there is a danger of avalanches or storms. The snow conditions are usually more stable later in the season, February-April.

Is the tour only possible in stated season?

The season stated is informative. The tour is possible in stable snow conditions, the best period is usually from February to April. Sometimes if snow is early or stays late, the season is longer and Winter Triglav Tour can take place even in May or early October.

How do I pay for accommodation?

We will make a reservation at the hut for you at the time of your booking in advance and you can pay cash on the spot. Don't expect too much luxury, the hut is officially closed in winter.

How many people will be in a group?

The tour is technically demanding and you will be secured with the rope on the exposed sections. Therefore, only two clients per guide are possible, to assure the best and safest experience.

Am I fit enough for Winter Triglav Tour?

It varies greatly on snow conditions. If the conditions are perfect, there are still 2000 vertical meters to go - it takes around 4-5 hours to the hut and additional 4 hours to the summit and back. Descending from Kredarica is usually easier and faster in winter though :)

How experienced do I need to be with winter gear?

It is mandatory that you can walk confidently with crampons and know how to arrest a fall with an ice axe. Climbing experiences are not necessary, on all the exposed and steep parts you will be safely secured with a rope and helped by a guide. If you are in doubt, our guide will be happy to advise you.

Who will be our guide on Winter Triglav Tour?

Our tours are led by professional local guides. Our guides will make sure that you receive expert guiding combined with great fun and a memorable experience.

Is the tour kid friendly?

The tour is not suitable for children.

Do I need a guide to climb Triglav?

Triglav is a high and demanding mountain, not to be underestimated. Tricky route finding in the fog, exposed and steep terrain in the upper parts are some of the reasons to consider a guide. We only work with experienced local guides who know our mountains really well and will not only take care of your safety, but will also show you some new hiking and climbing techniques, share some interesting facts and stories, and overall make it a much more enjoyable experience. Of course, not everybody needs a guide, so for those more experienced among you we have more than a few advanced tours that will prove challenging, even in the company of an expert guide.

Is it crowded up there?

Triglav is amongst the most popular mountains in Slovenia. It has a great symbolic value for us and the saying goes that you are not a true Slovenian until you stand on its summit. Therefore, you can expect a lot of people on the mountain in the high season (July-September), especially on weekends. On week-days, however, it is much more peaceful. Luckily, our guides have some tricks up their sleeves when it comes to avoiding the crowds. Hint: they know exactly when and where to go.

Is it dangerous to climb Mt. Triglav?

Thousands of people climb Mt.Triglav every year. Some come better prepared than others, who underestimate the climb, which can lead to accidents. But with the right approach, knowing the weather conditions (especially the possibility of thunderstorms and snowfall), with the proper safety equipment and an experienced guide, you can minimize the objective dangers and feel completely safe.

What kind of accommodations are available?

Mountain huts in the Slovenian mountains are very cosy and authentic, but provide only basic comfort. Don’t expect too much luxury. Early bookings are usually rewarded with a room but if all rooms are full there are dormitories. There is no shower and the lavatories are basic. There is running water but it is not drinkable. The food is tasty and local but the menu is limited to a few dishes and drinks.

How far in advance do we need to book it?

The earlier the better. The highest season, from July to September, it is not unusual for huts to be fully booked for 5 or more weekends ahead. Weekdays are better but we still suggest bookings at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Last-minute bookings are very dependable on the weather - if the forecast is not a perfect bluebird, then some spots usually become available a few days before. For one-day tours, a week in advance is okay.
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    Christopher Cruz
    March 2020
    To climb to the summit of such a demanding mountain as Triglav in winter is really something that you will never forget. So many things that have to come together - weather, snow conditions, great team with an experienced leader. I am very grateful for this day and it will forever be in my memory.
    Andre Sutton
    December 2019
    We were very lucky with snow conditions, at least according to Klemen. The climb was quick but the descend proved to be a bit more tricky. My partner and I both needed a bit of help on the steep section but enjoyed every step! What an expereince!
    Marrit Nutma
    March 2022
    Me and my friend did the 2 day Winter Triglav Tour. We had our guide Uroš with us. It was really an amazing experience!! We had no experience of mountaineering or whatsoever, but we’ve learned a lot. So thanks to Uroš and Triglav Tours!

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