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Mountain Lodges in Triglav National Park

Learn more about the mountain huts in the heart of the Slovenian Julian Alps.
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Triglav lodge Kredarica
Triglav lodge Kredarica on winter morning
Kredarica hut and a small chapel below Triglav
Good night from m
Kredarica from above
June - September
2515 m
The highest mountain lodge in Slovenia is most popular with Triglav visitors.
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Planika lodge below Triglav
Planika lodge in the morning from above
Fluffy visitors at Planika hut
Planike lodge is in the heart of Triglav
Planika Lodge
July - September
2401 m
A smaller, more authentic alternative to the busy Kredarica Lodge
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Renewed Dolič Hut
Mountain lodge on Dolič saddle
Tržaška koča na Doliču
July - September
2151 m
A less visited and smaller alternative for Triglav climbers
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Vodnik lodge above Velo Polje
Vodnik Lodge
The view of Velo Polje from Vodnik hut
Vodnik lodge with Triglav in the back
Helicopter supplying Vodnik lodge
May - October
1817 m
A hiker's outpost on the crossroads in the heart of Julian Alps
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The mountain hut at Triglav lakes
Triglav lakes lodge in autumn
Double lake and the lodge
The hut at Triglav lakes
Double lake and the hut from above
Double lake from the hut
June - September
1685 m
A mountain hut with a postcard view of the Double Lake
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Zasavska hut at Prehodavci
In winter there is a cosy bivouac giving us shelter
One of the seven lakes near Prehodavci
Enjoying the view from Zasavska hut at Prehodavci
June - October
2071 m
A hospitable hut in one in the most beautiful parts of the Alps
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Pogacnik lodge on Kriski Podi
Pogačnik hut on Kriški Podi
Hiking to Kriški Podis Lodge
View of the Triglav north face from above Kriški Podi
Tiny Pogacnik Lodge with Upper and Lower Krisko Lake
June - September
2050 m
Conveniently located between steep walls above Vrata valley
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Bregars shelter on Viševnik
Snack in front of Bregar shelter on Viševnik pasture
Visevnik pasture
Visevnik pasture in summer
June - September
1620 m
A cute and authentic shepherds' hut
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About Mountain Lodges in Triglav National Park

As a country full of hiking enthusiasts and mountain lovers, Slovenia has a rich tradition connected to mountain lodges. They’re a widespread cultural landmark in the Slovenian mountains because mountaineering has long been a popular activity among Slovenians.

There are 179 mountain lodges in Slovenia providing a place for hikers to spend the night before conquering the next peak on their route. 53 of these lodges are located in the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park, including 10 bivouacs and 18 huts that are not accessible by a vehicle.

The lodges offer only the basic comfort, which is exactly what’s keeping them authentic.  Most lodges don’t have showers and drinking water because the karst landscapes surrounding them consist of soluble rock that prevents the formation of surface bodies of water. This means that all the water needed in the huts has to be transported from the valley. The lodges located on higher altitudes have to have all their supplies (including bottled drinking water) brought to them by helicopter.

Despite these restrictions, all the cottages offer a basic menu of hearty Slovenian dishes like stews, sausages, and delicious strudels. And filling your belly with some good food to keep your motor running is the most important thing when it comes to long outdoor physical activities like hiking. As any hiker can tell you, all that fresh air really makes you hungry!

Nowadays, mountain lodges enable easier ascents of high peaks and provide stopping points on hut to hut hiking tours, but in the past, these lodges provided an often very necessary shelter due to poor traffic connections and non-existent weather forecasts.

Most mountain lodges inaccessible by vehicles are only open during the summer season. The start and end of the season depend on the weather so the date differs each year, usually they open sometime in May or at higher altitudes in June, and close by the end of September. Outside of the summer season, mountaineers can find shelter in the so-called winter rooms, which are included in practically all the mountain lodges in Slovenia, or bivouacs. Due to the high number of hikers during the summer season, it’s advisable to book your stay in the cottage several weeks in advance, especially if you’re looking to visit the mountains during the weekend.

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