Climb Triglav in One Day

Challenge yourself to the max and climb Triglav in one day on this guided tour.

Krma Valley
12-14 hours
Group size
max 4 people/ guide
Jun - Oct
Fitness Level
Technical Level
  • Pace yourself up Slovenia’s renowned Mt. Triglav  
  • Spend a day on the mountainside and breathe in the fresh air 
  • Enjoy the company of a local guide and learn something new
  • Gaze over the Julian Alps or even as far as the Adriatic


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Included in price

Transfer from Bled
Via Ferrata kit
Professional guide
credit card


extra charge light
Transfer from Ljubljana
extra charge light
Trekking poles
extra charge light
extra charge light

What to bring to the tour

Comfortable sports clothes
Insulation jacket
Toilet paper
Trekking poles if you are used to them
Extra layer
Rain jacket
Sports shoes with good grip
Water bottle
Backpack 25-30 l

Pickup location and time

To be set upon reservation according to the time of the year and conditions.

A demanding route that takes you over 2000 metres of altitude in roughly 12-14 hours. This hiking thrill is not for the faint of heart and good stamina is obligatory. If you’re a mountain lover with a day to spare and want to ascend Mt. Triglav with all the perks it offers, then this tour is a no-brainer. It’s the quickest way of experiencing Slovenia’s most famous peak. Up we go!

Triglav is the champion of Slovene mountains. This legendary peak is not only iconic, the trails leading up to it are regarded as some of the most scenic in this part of the Alps. Most hikers opt for a two-day ascend, but it’s certainly very enjoyable to do it in one leap. Just ask a guy called Franjo Potočnik who climbed Triglav 366 times in one calendar year. He’s also reached the summit twice in one day and has over 600 ascents under his belt. Let that be an inspirational morale boost.    

We begin in the stunning Krma Valley. The ascent starts off nice and easy up a relatively undemanding trail. The rocky landscape promises a soothing calm that only the mountains can afford. We witness several unique landmarks, overcome ridges and pass mountain huts as we make our way up the gravel path towards the highest-lying parts of Slovenia. The awe-inspiring beauty makes the journey easier and every step so very rewarding.  

The final push to the summit is where it gets technically more demanding. Triglav is known for its via ferrata sections. A steep, 400-metre-long incline is where fear of heights should be left aside and quite a bit of climbing endured. But don’t worry, the route is safe, well secured and your guide will be there to lead you through it. The summit is literally right around the corner. And with it, that fantastic feeling of knowing you have just reached the highest point in the country. Descending back towards the valley is of course as adventurous and breathtakingly beautiful as the climb, but be careful with your tired legs. Now that’s what we call a day well spent!

If you manage to climb Triglav in one day you can really be proud of yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear on Triglav Tour?

It is important that your clothes are comfortable. You should have comfortable shoes with a good grip. It is recommended that you also have some warmer and windproof clothing with you as the temperature can drop or in case of cold wind. You can always leave excess clothes in the van after consulting with our guide.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

In case of bad weather the tour can be postponed or you will be fully refunded.

Is the tour only possible in stated season?

The season stated is informative. In case of dry conditions, the tour is also possible sooner or later in the year. If there is early or late snow in the mountains the season is shorter. I that case take a look at our Triglav in winter tour.

How many people will be in a group?

We believe that your experience will be better in smaller groups. Therefore, there will be a maximum of 4 guests per guide.

Am I fit enough for Triglav Tour?

You don't need any prior experience for the tour, but keep in mind that Triglav in one day is pretty demanding tour. There is almost 2000 vertical meters of ascent and the tour usually starts and finishes in the dark. So it is only suitable for people in good fitness.

What if I go too slow?

If we are very lucky and get a free spot in the hut and everybody has time to prolong the tour, then we can make it a 2-day tour. I most cases we have to turn back. Keep in mind that it affects other people as well so only book 1-day Triglav if you feel really ready for it.

Who will be our guide on this Triglav in a day tour?

Our tours are led by professional local guides. Our guides will make sure that you receive expert guiding combined with great fun and a memorable experience.

Is the tour kid friendly?

Our minimum age for Triglav tour is 12 years old. This tour is, even though possible for very fit children, very demanding so keep that in mind.

Do I need a guide to climb Triglav?

Triglav is a high and demanding mountain, not to be underestimated. Tricky route finding in the fog, exposed and steep terrain in the upper parts are some of the reasons to consider a guide. We only work with experienced local guides who know our mountains really well and will not only take care of your safety, but will also show you some new hiking and climbing techniques, share some interesting facts and stories, and overall make it a much more enjoyable experience. Of course, not everybody needs a guide, so for those more experienced among you we have more than a few advanced tours that will prove challenging, even in the company of an expert guide.

Is it crowded up there?

Triglav is amongst the most popular mountains in Slovenia. It has a great symbolic value for us and the saying goes that you are not a true Slovenian until you stand on its summit. Therefore, you can expect a lot of people on the mountain in the high season (July-September), especially on weekends. On week-days, however, it is much more peaceful. Luckily, our guides have some tricks up their sleeves when it comes to avoiding the crowds. Hint: they know exactly when and where to go.

Is it dangerous to climb Mt. Triglav?

Thousands of people climb Mt.Triglav every year. Some come better prepared than others, who underestimate the climb, which can lead to accidents. But with the right approach, knowing the weather conditions (especially the possibility of thunderstorms and snowfall), with the proper safety equipment and an experienced guide, you can minimize the objective dangers and feel completely safe.

What kind of accommodations are available?

Mountain huts in the Slovenian mountains are very cosy and authentic, but provide only basic comfort. Don’t expect too much luxury. Early bookings are usually rewarded with a room but if all rooms are full there are dormitories. There is no shower and the lavatories are basic. There is running water but it is not drinkable. The food is tasty and local but the menu is limited to a few dishes and drinks.

How far in advance do we need to book it?

The earlier the better. The highest season, from July to September, it is not unusual for huts to be fully booked for 5 or more weekends ahead. Weekdays are better but we still suggest bookings at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Last-minute bookings are very dependable on the weather - if the forecast is not a perfect bluebird, then some spots usually become available a few days before. For one-day tours, a week in advance is okay.
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    Anja Kathrin Ruess
    I did the Triglav in 1 day tour in August 2021 and can absolutely recommend it! Doing the tour in 1 day is challenging, but doable with good stamina and previous hiking experience. Both reaching the top of Triglav and the starting point back in Karma valley after the descent is extremely rewarding! Before the tour, I had contacted Triglav Tours to ask a few more questions regarding the tour and equipment, which were all answered timely and in detail. In general, I felt very well-advised at all times. Since for me the tour was only a “stop” on a long-distance hike through Slovenia, I decided to rent via ferrata kit, harness and helmet from Triglav Tours and I was very content with the quality of the equipment. The best thing about my Triglav experience was by far my guide Luka! Luka was extremely professional, made a fantastic pace that matched my stamina 100% and gave me useful tips regarding my climbing technique. He could also tell me a lot about mountaineering in Slovenia, the country’s history, culture, geology, food, etc. and provided me with great tips for the rest of my stay. With Luka, I did not only get the best guide I could have imagined but also great company on the way!!!
    William Cao
    Klemen, our guide is incredible. I came on a solo backpacking trip during summer in the balkans and had no equipment for hiking whatsoever. Not only did Klemen guide us to the summit and down within a day, he knew the mountain like the back of his hand and was great at setting pace, all while he brought me a fleece, gloves, helmet, harness, poles, long sleeve and windbreaker! Not only, but he picked me up from Ljubljana and also dropped me off at my hotel. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone going to Slovenia
    Peter Unger
    Amazing 1-day tour from Krma valley to the top of Mt. Triglav. Superbly organised, pick-up on-time, transfer to Krma valley, tour guide super friendly and very competent! Highly recommendable!

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