Triglav Ski Touring Traverse

Experience the diverse winter landscape of the Julian Alps by heading out on the best ski tour in Slovenia, traversing through the heart of the Triglav National Park.

3-4 days
Group size
max 4 people /guide
Jan - Mar
Fitness Level
Technical Level
Away from the summer crowds
Unspoiled nature
Through the heart of the Julian Alps
The ultimate ski tour in Slovenia
Slovenian version of the famous Haute Route
Optional ascent to Triglav
Authentic night in a bivouac
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Included in price

Professional local guide
Route planning and organisation
Transfer from Bled
credit card


extra charge light
Ski touring equipment rental
extra charge light
Avalanche safety gear
extra charge light
Dinner and breakfast in the hut
extra charge light
Overnight in Komna mountain hut
extra charge light
Transfer from Ljubljana
extra charge light
Additional day - summiting Mt. Triglav

What to bring to the tour

Comfortable sports clothes
Insulation jacket
Extra layer
Extra ski socks
Windproof jacket
Ski touring boots, skis, skins and poles
Crampons and ice axe
2 pairs of waterproof gloves
Ski goggles and/or sunglasses
Sun protection
ID Card
Enough food
Sleeping bag
Avalanche safety gear - shovel, beacon and probe
Backpack 35-45l
Cash for accommodation and food

Pickup location and time

To be set upon reservation

The Triglav ski touring traverse is the ultimate way of experiencing the winter in the Slovenian Alps. Also called the Triglav “Magistrala”, it is the only true multi-day ski tour in Slovenia and a must-do for every ski tourer who finds himself in our beautiful country.

It is a Slovenian mini version of the famous Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt. In three days, it takes you from Vogel ski resort to Komna plateau, through the Triglav Lakes Valley to the top of Kanjavec, across Hribarice, down to Velska dolina and the Krma valley. Optionally, the tour can be extended by one day to climb Triglav, the highest peak of Slovenia.

The tour takes you into the winter paradise of the Julian Alps, across plateaus, valleys and snowy peaks. The terrain snow made almost unreachable by foot, suddenly becomes your ski playground.

It is a terrain full of ups and downs, none too steep, so a perfect way of enjoying the amazing scenery, while also putting your skiing skills to the test. Even though the route’s difficulty is low, it depends a lot on the conditions at the time. The perfect conditions are usually found in early spring when there is a lot of stable snow with the least possibility of avalanches, and the day is long.

The tour is not a walk in the park, as some previous experience with ski-touring is necessary. It also requires decent stamina, as each day will be around 8 hours of moving through the backcountry. The backpack you’ll carry will also be a little heavier, as one of the nights is spent in a bivouac, which requires bringing our own sleeping bags and food.

Spending three days in the majestic scenery of snowy mountains that few people ever see in their entire lives will be an unforgettable and beautiful journey.

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Day 1
The first day will start at the magnificent Lake Bohinj, where the cablecar will lift us to the Vogel Ski Resort and save us a big first-day climb. After that, we’ll put on our skis and hike to Šija, the highest point of the only ski resort in the Triglav National Park. Some excellent skiing follows, which takes us to Zadnji Vogel, from where there’ll be plenty of options that will depend on the conditions. We’ll continue our journey on the up and down route to Komna, the mountain karst plateau, where the Komna hut, our resting place for the night, awaits us.

Day 2
On the second day, you will slowly continue your way across the Komna plateau to the Double lake and the Triglav Lakes Hut. There, one of the more picturesque parts of the tour follows, the ascent through the stunning Triglav Lakes Valley besides the frozen lakes and the magnificent peaks towering over them. The day will end at Prehodavci, where the panoramic view to the western part of the Julian Alps will open up. Because the hut there is closed, we will have to get more adventurous and sleep in the authentic bivouac. It is well isolated, but not heated, which means we’ll have to use our sleeping bags.

Day 3
Next morning we will ascend to the Hribarice saddle, where there will be an option to also reach the peak of Kanjavec, with stunning views all around, especially on Triglav. After that, it’s all downhill on the excellent skiing terrain down to Velska Dolina. A few hundred metres of ascent from Velo Polje to the Bohinjska Vratca pass, and we’ll be skiing down to our end destination of the glacial Krma Valley.

Day 4 (optional)
As a perfect last day, the Triglav ski traverse can extend by one day with a climb to the top of Triglav. It is meant for the more experienced hikers, as it is done on foot. When we arrive at Bohinjska Vratca on the third day, we continue to Triglavski hut on Kredarica, the hut with the highest elevation in Slovenia. After a night there, you have two options – Get your crampons and ice-axes ready to climb to the top of Triglav on foot, or skip that, and enjoy a long ski down past Stanič hut and valley Za Cmirom to the Vrata valley, or from Kredarica straight to the valley of Krma.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good of a skier do I need to be?

Most terrains are not demanding and suitable for most skiers who are confident to ski on their own and have basic experience and skills. The tour is not suitable for beginner skiers and first-time tour skiers.

What is the conditions are bad?

The tour is only possible in favourable conditions, in stable weather and without avalanche danger. If the conditions do not allow for a safe tour, it can be rescheduled or adjusted.

Do I need a guide to climb Triglav?

Triglav is a high and demanding mountain, not to be underestimated. Tricky route finding in the fog, exposed and steep terrain in the upper parts are some of the reasons to consider a guide. We only work with experienced local guides who know our mountains really well and will not only take care of your safety, but will also show you some new hiking and climbing techniques, share some interesting facts and stories, and overall make it a much more enjoyable experience. Of course, not everybody needs a guide, so for those more experienced among you we have more than a few advanced tours that will prove challenging, even in the company of an expert guide.

Is it crowded up there?

Triglav is amongst the most popular mountains in Slovenia. It has a great symbolic value for us and the saying goes that you are not a true Slovenian until you stand on its summit. Therefore, you can expect a lot of people on the mountain in the high season (July-September), especially on weekends. On week-days, however, it is much more peaceful. Luckily, our guides have some tricks up their sleeves when it comes to avoiding the crowds. Hint: they know exactly when and where to go.

Is it dangerous to climb Mt. Triglav?

Thousands of people climb Mt.Triglav every year. Some come better prepared than others, who underestimate the climb, which can lead to accidents. But with the right approach, knowing the weather conditions (especially the possibility of thunderstorms and snowfall), with the proper safety equipment and an experienced guide, you can minimize the objective dangers and feel completely safe.

What kind of accommodations are available?

Mountain huts in the Slovenian mountains are very cosy and authentic, but provide only basic comfort. Don’t expect too much luxury. Early bookings are usually rewarded with a room but if all rooms are full there are dormitories. There is no shower and the lavatories are basic. There is running water but it is not drinkable. The food is tasty and local but the menu is limited to a few dishes and drinks.

How far in advance do we need to book it?

The earlier the better. The highest season, from July to September, it is not unusual for huts to be fully booked for 5 or more weekends ahead. Weekdays are better but we still suggest bookings at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Last-minute bookings are very dependable on the weather - if the forecast is not a perfect bluebird, then some spots usually become available a few days before. For one-day tours, a week in advance is okay.
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    Jamie Mayer
    A ski touring trip that well exceeded my expectations. The scenery of winter julian alps is jaw-dropping, as we cut our tracks into the untouched whiteness each day and the new valleys just keep opening up as we go further. The tour is diverse and never boring, even if we had walked and skied for a bigger portion of the day and have been coming to our accommodations quite tired. The first stop was mountain hut whereas the second was just bivouac and, so don't expect any luxury there! But it is cosy and with a decent sleeping bag, it is warm enough. Triglavtours made the whole trip organisation easy and I have enjoyed every single moment of it!
    Tania Smetzky
    The Triglav ski touring traverse is quite a complex tour and arguably one of the best ski touring tours that I have done so far. With the excellent guidance of our guide Bine and prompt communication with Klemen prior the tour, it was easy and pleasurable all along. The tour itself is far from easy - about 8 hours of activity per day and with quite a heavy backpack, meaning that solid fitness is required. The skiing itself is not too demanding, but I guess it depends on conditions quite a bit, we were lucky to have mostly nice spring snow, with only a few icy sections here and there. Our guide Bine was great and very knowledgeable, matching the group's pace perfectly and providing us priceless useful tips, and making sure we were safe and enjoying every second of the tour. I would thoroughly recommend Triglav ski touring traverse to most ski touring enthusiasts!
    Greg Fielding
    What a fantastic voyage! I have been privileged to experience the winter fairytale in the Slovenian alps on this incredible journey through the snowy valleys and mountain passes, enjoyed great skiing, and the nice company of our group. And most importantly, our guide was fantastic, a local man born there, with a lifetime knowledge of the area. If I was alone, I wouldn't have skied nearly as great terrains as I was because of his great guidance. I am hoping to do another tour with them somewhere in near future.

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