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Guided tours to Slovenia’s most iconic mountain, exploring Triglav National Park through diverse and picturesque hiking trails.

Hey, I’m Klemen, the manager of Triglav Tours.

Before I started climbing, I spent my teenage years mountain biking and skiing in the Julian Alps. That’s what sparked my love for the mountain environment.

After a few years of pushing myself farther into new terrain, it became clear that there was only one way forward: upward! This realization marked the start of my alpine adventures, which led me to leave my bike behind and start walking, hiking, and then climbing.

Climbing made me see the mountains in a new way — nothing seemed unreachable now. You’re not limited to trails and easier off-trail terrains. You can go practically anywhere and choose your own unique route.

Being an alpinist also showed me the hidden corners of the Slovenian mountains — the valleys and climbing approaches I would have never visited otherwise. It also showed me that mountains can be enjoyed all year round. Winter is a very special time that gives you a totally different experience with beautiful views of an even more unique, beautiful and complex mountains.

I climbed all the important climbing routes in Slovenia and stood on almost all the iconic peaks, many times on Mt. Triglav itself. Most of my best climbing was done in the winter; I even managed to do some first ascents up our Alpine walls.

But it isn’t only the adventure itself that entices me, it’s also the planning aspect of it. When standing at the top of a peak on one tour, my eyes are looking at my surroundings, planning the next one.

The next logical step was sharing this passion of mine with others. From the many people I met along the way, I gathered an enthusiastic team of professional mountain guides and founded this company — Triglav Tours.

Guide congratulating for the climb
Guide congratulating for the climb

Slovenia is a paradise for mountain lovers

Slovenia’s mountainous regions are home to some of the most beautiful unspoilt nature in the world. The diversity of hiking trails and Alpine routes is complemented by spectacular views and rewarding peaks, and we know exactly where and how to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

The difficulty of climbing a mountain in Slovenia also varies immensely. There are some high peaks which are relatively easy, and then there are some to which we cannot ascend without being roped up and accompanied by an experienced guide.

There should be no worries that everyone can find the right mountain to climb here in Slovenia, anywhere from the Julian Alps, the Karawanks, or the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Hikers enjoying the view from the top
Hikers enjoying the view from the top

A professional team of mountain enthusiasts

The team I gathered consists of friendly local guides who are dedicated to their craft of exploring the mountains in a safe and exciting way. With years of experience and mountain climbing know-how, our guides view their job as an extension of their hobby and they bring that devotion to every single mountain tour they embark on with you.

What makes our tours unique is the steadfast commitment to share our mountains with you in a way that best suits your taste, level of fitness and schedule. Expectations vary, so our job is to tailor our tours as closely to your needs as possible.

Triglav National Park is teeming with wildlife and mountainous splendour, and we know the paths to these gems inside-out. Whether it is hiking between mountain lodges through hidden valleys and along gorgeous alpine ridges, or ascending the highest peaks, including our national symbol, Mt. Triglav, we take you down the most fascinating trails and make sure the route is always adapted to you, the weather conditions and safety regulations.

Climbing Triglav from Kredarica
Climbing Triglav from Kredarica

Triglav for Everyone in any Season 

Besides guiding you to numerous stunning locations, helping you conquer Slovenia’s highest mountain is our specialty. We have assembled a variety of tours for the widest range of visitors to our giant among giants – Mount Triglav. From classical routes that take a couple of days, to more demanding challenges, like ascending Triglav in one day or scaling its Northern Wall.

Special customized tours are also available and promise an unforgettable encounter with Slovenia’s most prized peaks. We provide all the necessary equipment, and insightful mountain climbing tips for beginners and pros alike.  

For more information on our tours and what they include, feel free to browse our website. We are positive you will find the perfect mountain climbing expedition for you!  

Hiker watching Triglav from Viševnik
View of Triglav from Viševnik

A Limitless, Rich and Affordable Adventure 

Because of our team’s close connection to reliable local suppliers, we avoid middlemen and additional fees, which makes our services very affordable. In other words, you get exactly what you paid for. We are also a financially protected company, meaning all you have to do is book a tour and not worry about the details.    

Put your mountain climbing skills to the test, learn a great deal about this protected natural environment, and recharge your batteries within this exceptionally scenic landscape.

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We offer a selection of diverse, customisable mountain climbing and hiking tours that lead to the best peaks in Triglav National Park, including the symbol of Slovenia itself – Mt. Triglav.
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