Julian Alps Hiking Trails

Hiking in the Julian Alps is one of the best life experiences one could get. Let`s find out more which are some of the best Julian Alps trails you can hike.
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Blog Published November 30, 2022
Edited May 6, 2024

What are the Julian Alps?

Named after the great Emperor Julius Caesar, the Julian Alps represent roughly two-fifths of Slovenia’s surface and stretch proudly west of the Kamnik and Savinja Alps and the Karawanks, along the borders with Italy and Austria.

Julijske Alpe in Slovenian and Alpi Giulie in Italian, the Julian Alps are a range that falls under the Eastern Alps, extending south-eastward from the Carnic Alps (the town of Tarvisio in north-eastern Italy) towards Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana. 

Composed mainly of limestone, these mountains are bounded by the Fella River and Sella di (Pass of) Camporosso (northwest) and by the Sava River (north and east). They are reigned over by Mount Triglav, the most famous and highest peak in Slovenia.

The heart of Julian Alps x

The Julian Alps are the highest mountains in Slovenia

Julian Alps hiking trails lead through nature’s prettiest playground

Protected by the Triglav National Park, the Julian Alps boast incredible diversity, breath-taking views and pristine nature. You simply have to experience it to believe it. And the best way to do that is by hiking down the numerous Julian Alps hiking trails.

From short, undemanding hikes, day trips or longer excursions and challenging treks, Julian hiking trails offer a ton of unforgettable adventures. Lush forests and valleys, high mountain pastures, glacial lakes, striking waterfalls and rivers, colossal mountain walls and more await your arrival.  

So where exactly to go hiking in the Julian Alps?

Here is our list of the top Julian Alps hikes you simply have to experience:

2-day Mount Triglav guided hike

You are not a true Slovene until you’ve conquered the summit of Climbing Mt. Triglav, which is not only the symbol of Slovenia, but the king of Julian hikes.

What you need for this Julian hiking tour is a moderate physical condition and the wish to see Slovenia from its most renowned peek. Climbing Triglav is extremely rewarding; not just standing on its summit, but the hiking trails that lead up to it. 

To avoid the crowds and enjoy the stunning alpine backdrop, the wildlife, and the natural splendour of Triglav’s surroundings, join this guided hiking tour, which includes sleeping in a mountain hut high above the world and an exciting vie ferrata section.

Triglav x

View of Mt. Triglav

Triglav 7 Lakes Hike

The Seven Lakes of Triglav are located in the magical corner of the Julian Alps. It’s arguably among the most scenic places in Slovenia. When talking about Julian Alps hiking trails, one cannot leave out this wonderful and classic Julian hike.

The unspoilt nature of Triglav National Park comes to the forefront in this amazing hiking tour. Even if you’re not a passionate hiker by heart, you probably will be by the end of this hiking trip. How come? Because you get to witness the unfathomable beauty of these glacial lakes and their picture-perfect surroundings.

Hiking in the Julian Alps doesn’t have to be a very demanding endeavour. The Seven Lakes hike can be easily adapted to accommodate every type of hiker. A local guide unveils the mysteries of this unique place up-close, giving you a superb taste of Julian hiking.

jezero x

Seven Lakes Valley hike

Julian Alps Hut-to-Hut Hiking

This fantastic Slovene tradition goes back centuries and we highly recommend it. It involves venturing down picturesque Julian Alps hiking trails amidst gorgeous surroundings. At the end of the day, you sit back and relax at a cozy mountain hut just take in the scenery.

The level of difficulty of hut-to-hut hiking can be adapted, especially on organised Julian hikes like this one, but it is advised that you have some basic physical preparedness, as it does involve lengthy walks each day.   

Combining hiking in the Julian Alps with authentic alpine dishes served in the huts and a schedule brimming with panoramic views is a fantastic holiday option. However, being such a popular activity, particularly during summer and weekends, we recommend booking the tour several weeks in advance.

Naslovna prehodavci zasavska koca x

Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih mountain hut

Soča Valley Walking Holidays

Julian Alps hiking trails are numerous in number. So many inviting hiking trails await that it’s nice to take it easy and dedicate a short hiking holiday just for that. When choosing the most enriching and accessible Julian trails, heading to the Soča Valley area is definitely the right approach.

The Soča Valley and its immediate surroundings promise diverse landscapes, rock formations and views of exceptional beauty. This emerald jewel possesses a variety of secret locations that you can spend your days exploring with a local expert who knows exactly where the best things to see are hidden.

soca valley x

The Great Soča Gorge

Julian Alps hiking should always involve stopping off at villages and hamlets to observe the Alpine traditions of the place. That’s why this type of holiday includes visiting lovely local cultural heritage sites and eating at restaurants that serve typical Slovenian cuisine from this amazing region.

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