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Hiking Triglav: Expert Tips for a Successful Climb

Explore the beauty, challenges, and secrets of ascending Slovenia’s highest peak in our exclusive Triglav webinar.
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Best times to visit Triglav and when to book cozy mountain huts
Find your perfect Triglav trail: from the easiest to the hardest
Packing made easy: what you really need for a great hike
Why a local professional guide can make your hike unforgettable

Get to know these 3 local secrets:

Secret #1

Get a sneak peek into a day on a classic Triglav tour

Secret #2

Find out when to visit Triglav and have the peak all for yourself

Secret #3

Discover hidden trails to Triglav known only to seasoned local hikers

So, you’re up for hiking Triglav? Nice!

We Slovenians really appreciate when someone wants to experience this important part of who we are. As they say, you’re not a true Slovene until you climb Triglav.

Besides the great achievement, do you know what’s also awesome?

It’s a great way to explore this fascinating part of Slovenian culture.

And meet new people!

Sharing stories in those cozy mountain huts, taking epic photos – it’s all part of the journey. And as a famous Slovene mountaineer said: “Whoever finds a way, will always carry the goal inside.”

But it’s not your everyday walk in the park, though.

That’s why we’ll share stuff that’ll make your hike way more than just a regular trip.

You know, the little things that make a big difference.

We’ll give you tips on everything from which path to pick to what to pack. We sort out the boring bits, so you can just enjoy your coffee and get psyched for the hike.

You’re probably planning to explore the rest of Slovenia too?

Because of course, Slovenia’s not all about mountains. And we want you to enjoy the whole time you spend in this beautiful country.

Worrying about the logistics of the hike is definitely not part of this enjoyment.

We’ll tell you how you can seamlessly include the Triglav climb into your stay.

Without worry.

And what about guides?

You probably know that everyone recommends having one — but do you really need them?

We’ll cover that topic too.

Quick sneak peak: The guides are not just about directions; they make the hike fun and safe. They know Triglav like their backyard and have the coolest stories to tell. It’s like hiking with a friend who knows all the best spots.

Ready for your Triglav adventure?

Join our webinar — it’s like a laid-back chat about everything that makes Triglav amazing. No salesy stuff, just real talk.

When the morning light hits the mountains

When the morning light hits the mountains...

leading into green forests and trails

...leading us into green forests...

past huts full of tales

...past huts, full of tales...

up steep slopes rocky and true

...up steep slopes, rocky and true...

where each step brings you closer to the sky

...where each step brings you closer to the sky...

to Triglav's peak high and bold

...to Triglav's peak, high and bold...

where horizons expand, and so do perspectives

...where horizons expand, and so do perspectives.

When the morning light hits the mountains
leading into green forests and trails
past huts full of tales
up steep slopes rocky and true
where each step brings you closer to the sky
to Triglav's peak high and bold
where horizons expand, and so do perspectives

Meet Your Webinar Host

Hiking Triglav: Expert Tips for a Successful Climb
Local Hiking Guide
5-Star Rated Guide
400+ tours organized in Slovenia and abroad
15+ years of mountain experience

Klemen, an avid hiker, guide, a seasoned alpinist, and the manager of Triglav Tours, has dedicated years to exploring the diverse, captivating landscapes of Slovenia’s mountains.

His journey began in his teenage years, a spark of passion that transformed into a lifelong love affair with the mountains. Since then, he has explored every corner of the Slovenian mountains, conquering the most significant peaks across the country’s mountain ranges.

Join him as he reveals the secrets of navigating Triglav’s trails, ensuring you experience the mountain as only a true local can.

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Abbey A
Verified Customer
I went on the Triglav Winter tour with a friend, and guided by Klemen, in December 2023. The hike was absolutely fantastic! Beautiful views and an exciting climb up to the top. Klemen was incredbily helpful with any questions we had beforehand, and he was a wonderful guide all the way up. This hike was the best part of our Slovenia trip!! Thanks Klemen!
Alex Breen
Verified Customer
Excellent experience with Triglav Tours and especially my guide Bine! I did the 1 night/2 day hike up Triglav in mid October and everything exceeded my expectations. Bine's a legend - very knowledgeable, friendly, and confident in assessing the groups experience levels. He had to spend a bit more time with a member of our party who needed rope assistance on some parts of the climb and the extra work he had to put in didn't slow us down at all, very professional. Would definitly book a tour again, cheers!
James MacLaren
Verified Customer
I went on a 2 day tour with Luka and Luka. We were very fortunate with the weather but despite that both Luka’s were exceptional. Could not recommend them more highly. Ultimate professionals. The organisation from Tina to the guides was first rate. I would not hesitate to recommend them or use them for future adventures. 😃
Michael Melnikov
Verified Customer
I completed my Triglav 2 days tour in September of 2023 starting at Rudno Polje and it was the best experience of this year summer season. Miha is quite a professional and intelligent guide who perfectly estimates the strengths and weaknesses of the team he guides, weather forecast and other circumstances like how dense would be expected traffic at via ferrata sections on the way out and back and to plan the tour accordingly. Not to mention he is a wonderful interlocutor with a deep knowledge of the area and mountains in general. I'd definitely recommend both the company and the guide.
pam r
Verified Customer
Exceptional “Panorama 3 day Hike to Pokjuka Plateau” October 6-8. Stayed first night at Hotel Jelka (which I highly recommend) because Blejska hut was fully booked. The hotel is a nice option as it has been fully renovated and is close to the hut but offers hot showers and a private room! Second night was at Uskovnica hut which could use updating but offers lots of outdoor patio space, hot & cold running water and indoor flush toilets, much appreciated. It is accessible to day hikers so busy mid afternoon on a sunny Sunday! My guide Klemen, was incredibly knowledgeable, attentive, helpful and kind! Every detail of our route was carefully planned to make the experience perfect for me. Assistance was generously offered and accepted through rough scree coming down from the shoulder. Pace and snack breaks were set to meet my needs exactly and Klemen is a super friendly person. I was alerted about dangerous karst crevices and places where there were steep steps and tricky spots to navigate. All of which made my experience stress-free and fun, as well as extremely safe. I can’t find enough words to express how much I recommend Triglav Tours and particularly my guide Klemen Gerbec. Triglav National Park is spectacular- don’t miss it!
emily vollmar
Verified Customer
My friends and I did a 3 day hut-to-hut hike in Triglav National Park this summer and loved it! Our guide, Bine, was very knowledgeable and provided necessary equipment and fun facts through the hike. We really enjoyed the via ferrata experience and we were happy to have someone guide us through the more technical aspects. The overnights in the huts were a blast with our guide and the other girls on our tour as well. Great way to see Triglav National park and meet new people! I cannot recommend Triglav tours enough!!
We offer a selection of diverse, customisable mountain climbing and hiking tours that lead to the best peaks in Triglav National Park, including the symbol of Slovenia itself – Mt. Triglav.
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