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Get your own Triglav hiking guide for the safest and most enjoyable experience.

Why do I need a guide for climbing Triglav?

Despite its popularity, Triglav is a challenging climb that should never be taken lightly.  Navigating in the fog, exposed sections, steep terrain and a multitude of possible routes demand a professional guide. Especially if you’re approaching Triglav for the first time. An experienced Triglav guide is someone who knows the Slovenian highlands inside-out. It’s not just a job; it involves a passionate enthusiasm for mountain climbing.

Guiding visitors up high mountains like Triglav requires years of experience, mountaineering expertise, and great people skills. Our guides have it all. Beside choosing the appropriate route, monitoring weather conditions and customising the tour to match your capabilities and wishes, they also show you useful hiking and climbing techniques, and share some interesting facts and anecdotes about the place.

A good Triglav guide researches accommodation availability, suggests less crowded routes, and when doing so, always takes the weather conditions and his guests’ wellbeing into account. If you’re ever in doubt as to what to pack, your guide will be glad to give you a list of what you need and what you don’t need on your Triglav climb.

Guides are there to assist and make you feel comfortable. When tackling tough inclines, your guide will make sure the tempo fits your stamina and mood. He or she will cheer you on when things get a bit too much and supply tips for how to best move across tricky terrain, perform efficient and secure movements in exposed parts (via ferrata) and crumbling surfaces.

After all, the most important thing is that your guide makes sure everyone is safe and sound. That said, the guide cannot carry you to the summit, nor can he or she prevent every fall or tumble, so do be careful and vigilant. Remember, the one who is ultimately responsible for a successful ascent and descent is you.

All these factors translate into an enjoyable experience. As the saying goes: “It’s the journey, not the destination”. And nothing could ring truer than that in the mountains.

Guiding Mount Triglav

There are multiple routes that take you up our highest mountain. We have carefully chosen some of the most beautiful and interesting as well as versatile routes:

  • From Krma Valley via Planika hut
    The easiest and quickest way up. Can be tricky in the middle part, where route finding can be difficult in foggy conditions. The upper part is well secured via ferrata, where our guides will take you up the least crowded option and take care of every step you take. 
  • From Vrata Valley via Plemenice
    The most difficult and to many the most scenic route up Mt. Triglav. It gets vertical pretty quickly and the exposure makes some of the most fascinating views in our mountains. Reserved for the most experienced climbers, this route can be safe for most with an experienced guide as long as you don't have vertigo.
  • Climbing the mighty North Face
    For those searching for the ultimate experience, climbing a rock wall of these dimensions can offer an experience that no marked path can. Our expert guides will show you the way through, at first sight inaccessible rocks all the way to the top. 
  • Multi day tour through the Valley of seven lakes
    An epic journey through the big part of Triglav National Park and reaching its highest point on the way. Hiking in Julian Alps at its finest!
  • Winter ascent
    Reaching the top of Triglav in winter is for lucky people, and the best way to make your chances bigger is by taking a local who knows the weather and conditions well - our experienced local guides.

The Julian Alps offer so many unforgettable hikes and climbs that it is impossible to write down all of them. This is our home and we will happily show you its hidden gems - contact us for private and customized tours!

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