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Klemen Gerbec
Published: 06/24/2021
Updated: June 24, 2021

My experience in Aconcagua polish glacier was unforgettable from the moment I decided to book my expedition. I wasn't sure whether to do it or not because I didn't know how well trained I should carry out this adventure. I always knew that the physical factor would be dominant; during the expedition, the mental aspect is equal (or more critical) than the physical. When you're near the top, and you feel like your legs can't hold you anymore, that's when mental strength begins to play an important role. In those moments, what keeps you on your feet is your head and not your feet. Each step you take seems minimal, and at the same time, you look back and realize how much you have advanced and decide to continue a little more one more step. During the last few days, I thought about leaving; I felt that my legs did not respond as necessary. It was becoming more and more difficult for me to sleep, the fatigue was accumulated in my body, and physically I had many reasons to put aside the dream of reaching the summit and return to the base camp. Do you know why I didn't? My head was 100% focused on achieving my goal of reaching the summit. That was the engine that drove me at all times, my mental strength. I did not think about all the sacrifices I had made to get there or all the money I had invested in my expedition. I only had an image in my head that could not be erased in any way; that image was of myself, reaching the summit of Aconcagua and kneeling. Please don't ask me why, but even looking at it in retrospect, I don't know why I had that image; what I'm sure of is that thanks to that, I didn't abandon the expedition when my entire body asked me to leave everything and return to Base camp. Climb Aconcagua Mountain is a life experience

Just as the mind can help you achieve things that you thought you would not reach, it is also necessary to say that, at some point, if you are not convinced of what you want, it can play a trick on you. A colleague from my expedition told me how hard he had trained to come to Aconcagua; in fact, he showed me graphs of his training performance, progression, and other data. The day we moved our things to Nido de Cóndores, he decided to leave; I couldn't believe it. I knew that he was trained, even much better than me, so I did not understand why he abandoned the expedition. When he said it, I was speechless.

According to all the calculations that he had made based on his training, he was convinced that if he maintained the rhythm that he had had until now, he would not be able to reach the summit in any way, and the worst thing was that he did not even know He raised the idea of ​​trying. His head was blocked so that he did not allow him to continue advancing to attempt; at that point in the expedition, it was the same to abandon there as later. I never told him that he would indeed have reached the summit without major inconveniences if I had been able to get to that point. In short, he was infinitely better trained than me, but my head was more convinced than his, and finally, that was what decided the fate of each one.

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